Taking over for someone that setup the DNS here at my company I'm a
little confused as to what is setup and why. Here is how it is.

2 Netware DNS servers
1 2003 DNS server

In netware the primary zone is hscast.com. There is a secondary zone
called 2000domain.hscast.com. This comes from back when Novell didn't
do well with the SVR records I was told. So there was a DNS setup just
for the 2000 servers to do AD.

Here is my confusion. All get DHCP from Netware and are then
dynamically put into DNS under the hscast.com zone. When they join the
domain AD puts them in 2000domain.hacast.com. So when the zone transfer
happens now I show a workstation say named STAT1 in both the .hscast.com
zone and the 2000doman.hscast.com zone.

What should I do? I'm extreemly confused as to how to straighten this
out. Anyhelp would be appreciated.