Upgraded my NSBS 6 SP4 Server running Named -> NSBS 6.5 SP1 yesterday.
Apart from not liking my normal '-v' switch, it would not load.

Server is in an OU (Off main O) named "IT Services". Loading Named created
an error message per zone implying there was a missing " ;" before

I have installed the NW6.5 DNS/DHCP Management Console, deleted and
recreated the DMS_Server object - and tested by exporting and reimporting
one of the zones.

Current state is:

- Named will load the new server if no zones are allocated to it.

- It fails to load with above error messages if I assign zones located in
the "IT Services" container.

It looks to me as if the current version of NAMED will not handle the " "
in the OU name - although the previous version did.


1 Can anyone confirm that this is how NAMED now works - it is a known
'feature' (=bug)?

2 If not, any suggestions? (Us DNIPINST?)

3 If yes, what are my options.

- Renaming OU as ITServices seems like one - but it would potentially
affect a lot of NDS objects in that container.

- Move the zones - but how (as 'move'does not work in C1)?

All suggestions welcomed.

Colin Quine

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