Remember gave me suggestions/advice on whether or not I needed DNS
set up to allow remote users to connect via VPN. I did not enable DNS, and I
am so happy to report that when I installed the client on the first machine,
a Win 98 slowboat, it connected to the server. At first it grumped, but
once I logged on as Admin and it had run the login script, I changed to the
userid of the machine, and we were happy campers. It seemed like it just
needed to be pointed in the right direction. Thanks so much for your
wonderful advice!

However, (there's always a but in there somewhere) I have one issue. When
users try to access a Word/Excel file they get invalid filename errors, or
drive path not found. I have done a lot of searching and while I cannot
find an exact scenario, I have deteremined that opening, saving, etc. text
files is fine, so it's something seems like its to do with MS. I couldn't
find anything to help me in the MS forums or in the Novell KB. I was
wondering if you or anyone else has knowledge of this.

I have posted in both the client and admin forums....I fear you all are
going to be tired of me :)