The server is Netware 5.1 SP7 Running both IP and IPX
Using a WinXP Pro workstation for the install. Logged in as an admin on
both the server and the workstation.

When I try to install the DNS-DHCP Management Console I get to 97% and it
generates an error.

AT 97% during the install an error box pops up that says:
Err = -2

When I answer OK then another alert box pops up that says:
readme.txt: Unable to open the input file.

Saying OK to that prompt generates another prompt saying installation is
incomplete and hitting OK again exits the program.

When I try to run the DNS/DHCP Management Console from nwadmin32 Tools menu
I get the following error:
Cannot locate the home path of DNS/DHCP Management Console from the

Any idea what is causing it to not install?