I have 2 DNS Servers in my environment.
The first is not a Novell DNS Server
The Second is setup on a NW6.0 box at a remote location with DNS Cache-Only
setup to forward requests to the Primary server in my location.

My problem - I want to add "A" records to my DNS Cache-Only server, so that
some DNS queries are handled at the remote location.

Example #1: zenwsimport is an "A" record defined on my Primary DNS that
points to the local Zenworks Server here at my location. However, when using
AWIS, I want the PC's in my remote location to resolve to their local
Zenworks server. And I don't want to change the HOSTS file on every PC.

Example #2: When the user logs into the network and maps a drive to a server
in my location, the DNS query does not respond quickly enough to the client,
and the drive mapping fails.

Is there any way to this?