I have multiple questions about DNS, including DDNS. I am looking for some sort of document which contains DNS design considerations, with examples. I have not found any such documents in my search so far. Iíve searched on Novellís knowledgebase and on the forums, and looked at the documentation. Each document I find leaves me with only more questions. What Iím looking for is a document which might give examples, such as:

If you have a, b, and c on your network, you might want to consider u, v, and w. If on the other hand, you have d, e, and f on your network, you might want to consider x, y, and z.

Thus far, the documentation Iíve found simply does not give me the depth of understanding to be able to plan for our network. Iíve even resorted to looking up RFCs for an understanding of how to do things in DNS, though the RFCs that Iíve seen so far donít necessarily list the whyís and whereforeís. Iíd rather read about it - if possible - so I can understand it. I donít mind asking questions on the forums, but Iím afraid that with the volume of questions that I have, Iíll essentially be asking everyone else to help me configure my DNS, and that once itís done, I still wonít understand why it is the way it is.

Any references you can give me would be helpful.