We're running an AD domain, with AD running it's own name server. We went
thu TID 10016522 when we set it up, with the AD set as a subzone, and all
has been fine. We've just upgraded our DNS servers to NW6.5, with one
running SP1 and one running SP2.

When I try and do an nslookup on any server using the AD nameserver (eg
pinky.cei-dom.ceicmhb) it resolves fine, which is what you'd expect, as the
AD NS is authoratitive for its zone.

If I try and do the same lookup using one of the NW nameservers, it comes
back with an error
*** [] can't find pinky.cei-dom.ceicmhb: Non-existent domain

Now.... If I replace named on one of the MW6.5 servers with one off our
NW5.1 servers (specifically 5.12.03), then it works beautifully.

Is this a known issue anywhere?