I recently upgraded our main server to 6.5. Named loads without any
obvious errors.. however it turns out - it's not handing out any
addresses. Our NetWare 6.0 servers are all still fine and working.
Where do I start to troubleshoot this problem?

If I look at named.run I don't see anything that really stands out
for me.. The only thing that might point to what's wrong is:

Jul 13 15:59:34.000 general: main: notice: starting BIND 9.2.0
Jul 13 15:59:34.000 general: dns/diff: warning: TTL differs in
rdataset, adjusting 3600000 -> 0
Jul 13 15:44:43.000 notify: dns/zone: debug 3: zone
facswaterloo.org/IN: notify response from 172.16.x.xx#53: NOTAUTH

A couple of the DNS servers also can't update eDirectory (DDNS),
something about them not being authoritative. (same problem as I
posted earlier and have not resolved.)

Thanks, Oksana