I have done some reading in this newsgroup and found that the experts seem
to advise against using Netware as the router between subnets. We have just
added some fixed wireless links which now means our 192.168.0.x subnet will
not handle all the devices anymore.
So I need to subnet and have some choices as I see them:

1. Use second NIC in either a Netware server (we have a few to choose from
up to version 6.0), or

2. Second NIC in a Windows server (we have one each of 2k and 2k3). I should
mention I used to run the DHCP server on Netware but now it is running on
the 2k server, I found it easier to access the tables to see who was using
what address and given this it may be the candidate to get the second NIC as
I take it that is the only way to hand out the IP address for the second
subnet...ie it needs to be running on the box with the nic (any advice for
possibly going back to Netware for good reasons?) This #2 solution may be
my best temporary solution until a better one can be implemented?

3. We have some 3Com 3300 switches which are layer2 but apparently you can
buy a layer3 module for them (but I know nothing about layer3 routing nor
even about using layer 2 vlan's YET)

4. We have an old Cisco 800 series ISDN router we are not using anymore
since we got ADSL, have no idea if this could even do what I need?

You can see our needs are fairly simple at this point but we are growing and
I would like to implement the best solution possible. One option is to buy a
new layer3 switch since we have some budget to work with and need to expand
our ports anyway.

Any and all advice most appreciated.