We recently moved our DHCP service from a NW V5.0 to a new V6.5 server. When
we assigned the new server to service the DHCP dynamic range we immediately
had unexpected Decline packet errors. Moving the subnet back to the original
V5.0 server didn't fix the problem. As a result we had to temporarily use a
Win2K server to provide the DHCP service.

Step 1 of TID10069733, didn't fix anything. We are now considering
re-installing DNS/DHCP. Other dynamic DHCP ranges (for other VLan/subnets)
on the V6.5 server are working fine.

When we return to using the NW V6.5 server will it renew the Win2k assigned
IP addresses or will the renewals fail necessitating workstation/device

Julian Bowker
Marble Steps Systems