We are attempting to get DNS working on a Netware 6 server. Using the
DNS/DHCP Management Console utility (and iManager, for that matter--we
tried both ways) we created a DNS server (object), created the Primary DNS
zone, created the in-addr.arpa zone, and then started creating resource
records, including the A record for the DNS server itself, and additional
A records for the other servers in our network. It all appears to be a
straight forward process, yet when all is said and done we cannot ping
anything (configured through DNS) from our workstations (which the DNS
server IP address has been configured on). We are seeing a "lame
delegation" message on the server, but we've created an A record for our
name server (the server DNS is running on), and the PTR recored was
created automatically.

Is there something we are overlooking? We've loaded named with the -v
switch to see if any errors appear when we try our pings, but nothing
appears. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.