I'd like to setup DHCP services on my Netware 6.0, sp6 box.

Currently an old WinNt box is handing out the IP addresses. This server also acts as a WINS server.

Here are some of my questions:

1) Can the netware server also act as the WINS server?

2) What is the best way to perform the migration? Should we come up with completely new numbers or can we input the same scope in the Netware DHCP server as we have in the WINNT box?

3) In the windows DHCP management piece, there are no real reference to the DHCP options. How do I know what I have setup now so I can duplicate?

4) How do you get the workstations to grab addresses from the new server -vs- the old one? Is it an all or nothing approach?

5) Is there any good documentation on this process? I've been reading the manuals. They aren't the best.


Cheryl Fischer
Network / Email Administrator
Horizon Bank