I afraid I don't quite understand how to set up DNS in such a way that will benefit my school district the most. We have relied upon one IP address for our domain, (school.com) for email and our web page.

However, now we can't rely on that simplistic method anylonger. We have a SPAM filter that is assigned to IP address, xxx.xxx.xxx.252, so when someone just types school.com, it will come up with the login for the SPAM filter. WWW.SCHOOL.com will get you to our web address. I want both www.school.com and school.com to go to the web server.

Which enters in the question, how do I set up a public DNS entry that will use, for example, MAIL.SCHOOL.COM for IP address xxx.xxx.xxx.252 and still be able to receive mail with addresses bob@school.com? and have our web page load with both school.com and www.school.com ?How does this work? We use GroupWise email if there are any settings that need to be done for GWIA.

Any help appreciated on how this can be accomplished. I know it can, I just don't know how.