We are attempting to do a zone transfer with a primary DNS server
(Microsoft) in another location/separate network. On our Netware 6.03 box
we have created a zone, budget, as a Secondary zone, inputting the ip
address of the primary DNS server in the appropriate field. We've also
created an IN-ADDR.ARPA zone (not sure if this is necessary) as a
Secondary with the corresponding primary IP address. The DNS Server shows
it is the Zone-In Secondary in the Role field. When we start named.nlm
with the -zi budget switch we get Error during zone-in of zone budget at
the console screen, and Select Timout, zonein aborted at the named screen.

When using the primary DNS server in question as a forwarding server it
works as expected, resolving the names only it could, so the communication
is there between our server and their server. And I am told that port 53
is open. Is there anything I have not done correctly, and if not, any
ideas what else might be wrong?

Thank you.