I have a dns/dhcp server that has been working without any problems.

current versions:

NW5.1 sp6
Named ver. 5.10.09 2/12/03
Dhcpsrvr ver. 3.12.06 2/26/03

Lately the system has not been responding to DNS queries.
This does not happen all at once but is gradual.

If you try to use nslookup from the command prompt on a windows xp system, the server will not respond and you get a dns server time out error.

I have been able to successfully clear this problem by restarting the dns/dhcp services.
I do not see any erros on the console and the server has not abended. I have not restarted the server
in quite some time, only the services.

Are there any startup switches that would create a log file?
Anyone have any suggestions.
Thanks for the help,