Migrated to 6.5 (SP2) from 5.0
-Server can ping any site (internal or public) by IP address so default
route is correct.
-Server is behind CISCO Router.
-NRM and other internet functions NAT through perfectly.
-External DNS is correct and functioning.
-DNS resolver config on the server is correct and has been rebuilt and
tested both manually and through inetcfg and NRM.
-Server is acting as MTA, POA, QWIA and WebAccess. It recieves and
processes inbound mail.
-nslookup behaves as follows:
Default DNS server name cannot be resolved

Default DNS server:





www.novell.com QUERY FAILED

DNS request timed out.

timeout was 2 seconds.

*** Request to [] timed-out

-There is no holdover UnixServiceHandler object
-Tried the solution of loading NETDB with "/N" - caused abends
-Logger doesn't indicate any problems.

Any ideas out there - desperate - mail will not send.

THX in advance