I'm designing a new network. after installing the os and some test clients
i've found the following problem:

i designed to have all machines to get a manual ip-address. for one of
my tests i had to create a temporary subnet address range. at that point
all machines having a manual ip-address assignment are getting an address
from the subnet address range.

A brief description of my environment:
- 13 servers @ netware 6.5 sp2
- 12 servers running groupwise 6.5 sp2
- 12 servers running zenworks 4.0.1 ir4a
- 12 servers running backupexec 9.1
- 12 servers running symantec antivirus
- clients @4.90 sp2 tried all beta patches = nodifference
- all servers running latest tcpip stack
- small ecbs increased to 16.384
- 1 slpda, 1 scope

Can you please help me out?

Ad Stuij