Recently did a migration from NW5.1 to NW6.5 (only the main server),
DNS/DHCP is installed on another server which has not been upgraded .. yet.
We are experiencing all sorts of issues from messages stating "cannot add
FQDN [wkstn] to DNS server to iManager and other services not working
properly. Lately even the email has started having problems (cannot receive
mail , can send though). So we are looking at either upgrading DNS/DHCP or
completely removing it and installing the NW6.5 version on the main file

Can anyone enlighten me if this the correct way of going about it. I
understand that to remove DNS/DHCP one has to run dnipinst -R. Is it
advisable to export the database and then run the uninstall procedure and
then import the database or would it be better to uninstall the services
(DNS/DHCP) and trash the database and reinstall with DDNS and let the
database repopulate itself?