After installing sp2 named would load with various errors.
Error: unable to add rrset object with error -672 writing the rrs
Error: unable to modify rrset 70.1_168_in_addr_arpa.calvert country.ccps
with error -672
Error: unable to set journal log attribute or soa sr. no. with error 25. A
call to tech support came with an appology that the file with sp2 was a
developers file. the size was 1.7x mb. should have been in the 200k range.
So we were directed to a file dated in May. That seemed to work but my
server would abend in the named module after some time. Then I notice the
other night that a new named has been released to fix abbends in named.
Great I think. But then I find out it is also 1.7x big. I think to myself
this can't be good. so I try it and I get the same various errors when
loading named. go back to the May version 5.12.06 which works but I know it
will abend at any given time. what gives.