Recently did a migration from NW5.1 to NW6.5 (only the main server),
DNS/DHCP is installed on another server (BorderManager) which has not been
upgraded .. yet.
We are experiencing all sorts of issues from messages stating "cannot add
FQDN [wkstn] to DNS server to iManager and other services not working
Also we are getting the following on the server console:
modified host entries in sys:/etc/host file are not used.

Lately even the email has started having problems (cannot receive
mail , can send though). So we are looking at either upgrading DNS/DHCP or
completely removing it and installing the NW6.5 version on the main file

Looking into the Zone I can see the entry in there correctly.
On the property page for the entry I can see which wrkstn is associated with
the ip adress, but I'm puzzled as to why there is no entry in the associated
object component.

Can anyone enlighten me if this the correct way of going about it.