Hi all,

I have a dream! - a dream where people agree on how to interpret DHCP!

My ISP insists on delivering my "fixed IP-address" via DHCP, which
normally is OK, but here comes the catch :

The lease is 1 hr, but If I don't request a lease renewal when 50% (30
min.) of the lease time has passed, then the ISP cuts the line!

Unfortunately the "Novell interpretation" is, that leases should not be
renewed before the lease time is expired, so i have no way of using
NetWare as my server product.

How i wish there was flag on DHCPCLNT.NLM that allowed me to specify when
the lease should be renewed! (or maybe a DHCPCLNT.CFG file with relevant

Any hints, help or suggestions ?

Simon Hjorth, MCSE, MCNE, CNI, CLE, LPIC-1

"Keep passing the open windows"