I'm currently having my ISP provide DNS for the public side of the
network, and I have set up a DNS server which provides DNS for the
private side.

The DNS setup on the private side is basically a mirror of the public
side, except it points to the private IP addresses.

I want to pick up my own DNS so I am not dependent on the ISP for
getting changes made.

My question is: How do I configure DNS for the public side and make it
available for the public side?

I assume (a) that I must create another DNS server for primary and
another for secondary, both of which will need to be visible on the
public network, then (b) exporting the current private side DNS,
changing the IP addresses to the public IPs and (c) importing into the
new DNS server should get it set up correctly? And then of course, I
would need to change the register for our domain to point to the new

Would this do it or am I missing something?

Ken McLeod
The Delphian School