Not sure this is the correct forum since the problem seems to be in
netware DNS resolver, not the DNS server, but here it goes anyway...
That's what I was trying to do:
- Create a host record on a dns server and set it's ttl to 60 seconds (DNS
server is BIND on linux, Netware is just set up to query it)
dummyhost 60 IN A
- tping dummyhost.mydomain.tld from Netware box - Netware resolves record
fine, pings it, everything is OK.
- go back to DNS server, change record to
dummyhost 60 IN A
- wait a minute (or more, I have waited an hour once) and again tping
dummyhost.mydomain.tld. Netware still tries to ping old IP address even
though DNS cache should have expired.
every other OS works just fine, they do respect TTL of the record.
I have NW 6.5 and NW6 boxes, all with latest service packs.

The problem is that we have quite a few NDPS printers that do change IPs
relatively often. So far the only way for me to pick up an IP change was to
reboot a server and I do not believe this is a good solution.

So, a couple of questions:

- Is there a way to flush DNS cache on the server?
- is there a non-broken DNS resolver for Netware (and, by the way, what
nlm does the DNS resolution)?

Thank you very much