We've a problem to create a secondary DNS-zone on our Netware DNS/DHCP.

At this moment we use Netware 6.5 for our DNS. DNS is integrated to NDS.
For a new application, it's necessary that we implement a Windows 2003
server with Active Directory (AD).
To prevent conflicts with our current internal DNS, we installed AD on a
server and created a new DNS with another name integrated to AD.
On this server we created also a secondary zone of the DNS on NDS without
any problems.

To make it possible that clients can resolve the new DNS on AD, we want to
create a secondary zone of the new DNS on our Netware-server.
We tried the steps of the Novell documentation, but we can't replicate the
DNS-info to the secondary zone.
We tried it also with a test Windows2000-server in a workgroup. After
installing and configuring DNS on this server. The name-resolving works

What steps have we to follow to create and replicate the secondary zone
(from AD) on the Netware-server with the primary zone (from NDS)?