We have:
NSBS 6.0
NW 6 SP5
GW 6 SP 4
TCP 608v Rev2
JVM 142 SP3
DNS 512f
C1 1.3.6

We have been using a multi-segmented IP network for years now.
This is how it is setup:
FS1 has 3 NICs. Each one is connected to a different switch/segment. We did
this to avoid the high cost of running the "daisy-chain" cables 150 feet. We
found that we could just install another NIC and connect it to the switch
for about 1/10 the cost.

Here's the TCP/IP setup:
**attached are copies of TCPIP.CFG & NETINFO.CFG
Subnet Mask ~
This sets up 4 subnets ~ .0-.63, .64-.127, .128-.191, .192-.255
We are only using the 1st, 2nd & 3rd
Router to world ~
FS1-NIC1 ~
FS1-NIC2 ~
FS1-NIC3 ~
We have setup FS1 to dynamic route between the different NICs

Here's our problem:
We would like to use DHCP but can't find anything about how to set it up on
a multi-segmented IP network such as ours.
Any ideas on how to setup the segments so they assign different ranges of
addresses depending on which server NIC they are connecting through?

BTW, NW6SP5 seems to have removed NWAdmn32 so we have to use C1 or another



David G. Wilson

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