PS - this is running in a pure Netware 6/SP4 environment

> I'm using Novell DNS/DHCP with dynamic dns enabled via DHCP. There are

> number of strange dynamically created DNS host entries. Most will have

> valid host name followed by what looks like a MAC address or something.
> Here's an example:
> Host Type Address
> pc20043 A
> pc200430003a08946a801733efefa751c4200 A
> pc200430003a08946a801734069fa751c4400 A
> pc200430003a08946a801734403fa751c4600 A
> pc200430003a08946a801736463fa751c4900 A
> "pc20043" is a valid host name and address but all of the ones following
> do not appear to be valid.
> Any idea where these are coming from and how to get rid of them???