Hi. I'm setting up a test environment, trying to pull DNS info from our NW6.5/SP2 server. I set up the Microsoft W2K server as a secondary DNS server, and pointed it to our Netware DNS server (which is NW6.5). This is failing and the log on the Netware server DNS log says:

Zone: XXXX.com - Request for zone transfer out rejected. IP address of requestor: 10.xx.x.xxx#SRCPORT.
Zone: XXXX.com - Zone transfer out has started
Zone: XXXX.com - Zone transfer out has completed.

I've played with adding Zone out filters for the MS server's IP, both on the Netware server object and on the zones I'm wanting to pull from. I get the same errors in the DNS log. What's strange is that the MS DNS tool complains "The DNS server encountered an error while attempting to load the zone. The transfer of zone data from the master server failed.", but the DNS log in Event Viewer doesn't produce errors.

Anyone know what this is?


Austin, TX