Thanks for the follow-up. I have some additional information:

First, the PC's do not have the same machine name and auto hostname
generation is not enabled. Nor does this problem seem to be from using an
imaging program.

It appears most of the duplicate names are from workstations that have
connected to our network via Cisco VPN and this particular. This particular
DHCP range provides addresses to the VPN clients.

Dynamic DNS is also enabled so when a workstation connects via VPN, a host
name is generated in DNS. But, it looks like the hostnames are not be
released when the VPN client disconnects. So the next time that client
connects, the old host name is still there so it thinks it's a duplicate
and creates one of those duplicate host names with the MAC address of the
VPN concentrator appended to it.

These host names also seem to be related to some "unauthorized" DHCP
assignment types (getting "delicne packet recieved" messages on that
subnets DHCP server).

Any ideas what could be causing this??

Jim wrote in news:bEhZc.3789$ML2.135@prv-

> It looks as if
> 1) you have a lot of PC's with the same machine name - all trying to
> register with a unique id - or
> 2) you have enabled auto hostname generation on your DHCP address range
> (starting with pc20043)
> I'd think it was the latter..
> Simon Hjorth
>> PS - this is running in a pure Netware 6/SP4 environment
>> > I'm using Novell DNS/DHCP with dynamic dns enabled via DHCP. There

> are
>> a
>> > number of strange dynamically created DNS host entries. Most will

> have
>> a
>> > valid host name followed by what looks like a MAC address or

> something.
>> > Here's an example:
>> >
>> > Host Type Address
>> > pc20043 A
>> > pc200430003a08946a801733efefa751c4200 A
>> > pc200430003a08946a801734069fa751c4400 A
>> > pc200430003a08946a801734403fa751c4600 A
>> > pc200430003a08946a801736463fa751c4900 A
>> >
>> > "pc20043" is a valid host name and address but all of the ones

> following
>> > do not appear to be valid.
>> >
>> > Any idea where these are coming from and how to get rid of them???