Hello world,

A few months ago I noticed that DHCPCLNT could no longer obtain a
secondary address. The message at the console states:

Cannot add the secondary address <primary address> IPAddress is in use.

I contacted Shaw Cable to ask if they had intentionally prevented my
system from obtaining more than one address. They told me emphatically
that no change had been made to the way their system operates although
they had performed some server upgrading recently. I have researched
Novell's site and found nothing helpful. In the meantime I have upgraded
from NW6 SP5 to NW6.5 SP2. I need to know if it is my system that is
incorrectly requesting the primary address when using the /secondary
switch or weather Shaw's system is only offering the primary to the DHCP
client when a secondary is requested. I can manually add the secondary
address with no conflicts which show's that the address is still
available to my MAC only after months of being unusable. Who knows how
many addresses are being squandered this way. I only want the two I'm
entitled to and don't want to have to add a second NIC to use them both.


Corey Mang