Hi, this is my problem :

- we must remove all NW5 local servers in remote offices;
- each local office was under specific context;
- each of these server runs a DHCP server;
- we installed new Netware 6.5 in three in theses offices in order to
centralize geographically data;
- some local offices will disappear;
- in others offices there will be no servers presents.
- i want that mobiles users get local IP address according to the segment
where he will connect.

We use a WAN.


I want to be sure before processing to moving subnets and in certain case
removing totally the subnet.

I know that i can manage subnet by using NDSManager or Imanager (TID
10053755) or by exporting subnet information.

Which way is the better ?
Someone can give me the right way to process ?


Jocelyn Bričre