we are running nw6 sp4
DHCP ver 3.13.03

here is the problem:

about once a week or so every client on the network can not log in to the
primary server, and tries to authenticate to the secondary server ( which is
not running dhcp). if I goto a machine and try to release and renew the ip
address I get the message saying that the dhcp server is not
found/responding....failed to renew ip address........

if I unload the dhcp server and reload it everything works fine. in the
dns/dhcp manager the lease time is set to 1 day. I have changed it to 5 days
to see if this helps or not.
the dhcp server only reports that it is using 15.23 percent of the available

has anyone else experienced this????????

if I set the lease time to 0 will the address be released ( become
available) when the client logs off?????

Thanks In Advance for any help..............