Our DHCP/DNS server is running NetWare 6.0 SP5e. This same server is also
our email server (Groupwise 6.5). We have set internal DNS records for this
server so that when users send mail, the mail will not go to the external
mail server address (in other words, for example, internal mail goes to instead of 165.654.23.1).

When users (all using Windows XP sp 1) ping mail.ourserver.com they get - usually. For some reason, at random times, the ping will fail and
no server will be found. In this instance, the users mail server lookup will
fail and their email will fail to send. If we unload and reload named,
everything works fine. Sometimes we have to unload dhcpsrvr as well and
reload it.

I've looked at the dhcpdns.log file, but there are only two lines in it. Is
there a way to load named so that the log file is more detailed? Any other