Netware 5.1 SP7 with DNS update 5.12.06.

I have been having issues with the DNS since updating to SP7. I have had
two abends and have since updated to 5.12. Now I don't get the abend, but
the DNS stops resolving external addresses. Any of the defined addresses I
have setup (e.g. our mail server, printers...) work fine. But today it
stopped resolving outside. I unloaded named and reloaded to no avail. I
will reboot the server tonight as that fixed it last time.

I didn't seem to have any problems before SP7. I was at SP4 and it ran fine
for a couple of years minus the fact that it would be a bit slow at times.
Now I have had two abends and 2-3 times I have had to reboot the server
because of lack of resolving the outside addresses.

My DNS is not doing any zone transfers (don't know that I need that) and
this is the only server on site.