I like the Java based DNS/DHCP console a lot better than the iManager
interface, it just works a lot quicker. But there are some drawbacks: it
only runs on Windows and there are some annoying bugs.

Because Novell doesn't really seem interested in maintaining the
DNS/DHCP console anymore (iManager is the future, apparently) I was
wondering if they'd ever consider releasing its source on forge.novell.com.

I've decompiled (yea, I know.. probably not very legal) the console ages
ago, fixed some bugs, and turned it into a 100% pure Java program that
runs perfectly on Linux. (and other operating systems)

I'm sure there are more people interesting in this, but I can't release
the source because of the way I got it. :-)

What's the best way to convince Novell to release the source?


(I wouldn't mind the source to NAMED.NLM itself either, btw.. I want an
IPv6 enabled build, which should only need a simple recompile as all the
required bits are already in BIND.. but I don't have the source)