We are implementing a voice-over-ip solution and want all phones to use
dhcp in a separate vlan.
Because we need to put option 43 in our dhcp table I experience the
following problem with the dhcp server :

- After putting this option 43 in the global table, it is impossible to
boot a workstation from the network for imaging purposes.
Messages appear like :

PXE-E74: Bad or missing PXE menu and/or prompt information.
PXE tags were detected but the boot menu and/or boot prompt tags were not

After we delete option 43 everything is working again. What can be done
about this ? I can not find any information regarding this problem in the

The second issue is that we need to specify some information in this
option which exist of a keyfield & value.
In the dns/dhcp program we can put it in hex format.
For example :

Key : 01
Data : 5359656D656E73000000
Key : 02
Data : 0000029A0000000000FF

Dns-dhcp console shows however the information as the following :

Key : 01
Data : 5359656D656E73000000
Key : 02
Data : 00:00:02:9A:00:00:00:00:00:FF

It looks like the first data sequence in not known, because there are no
colomns placed between the bytes like in the second data sequence.

If I check Imanager however, this specific option 43 is in decimal format ?
And it is specified wrong. Also if I have two of the same bytes which I
want to put it (I translated from byte to decimal), I simply can't,
because it does not allow me to put two of the same values in.. That's a
bit buggy, if you'd ask me.

Someone has experience with this ?