Hi all,

I have scoured the TIDs and newsgroups and can't find my answer there - so
I'm hoping a new post might shed some light.

We are the ISP for 4 school districts, a total of 20+ sites. Each has a
Netware 6.5 server running Novell DHCPSRVR 3.13
All sites are behind a common Cisco PIX firewall.
We have a master internal DNS that serves all sites. It is running Fedora
Core 1 (Linux) and Bind 9.2.2
My goal is to have workstations register their hostnames with the single DNS
server via Dynamic DNS.

I can find data on how to do this using Netware DNS and Netware DHCP
Linux DNS and Linux DHCP

But how can I tell the Netware DHCP in the districts to register with the
Linux DNS server at the hub site?
I cannot seem to find anything in the DHCP Options table that will let me do
this... or would it be an option on DHCPSRVR itself?

Obvioulsy, one option is to fully configure DNS in each NetWare tree - but
that would be a ton of work, ongoing maintenance, and troublshooting to add
another layer of DNS... What we have working now works quite well (except
for Dynamic DNS)