Our Web Access server sits on our private IP network. We want to be able resolve the name internally and externally to different IP addresses, so I decided to setup DNS services on a NetWare server and test it out.

We are running NW6 SP4. I installed DNS/DHCP Mngt Console. I created a DNS Server. I created a zone for our domain. I created an "a" record for the DNS server to test it out and created reverse entry for it. I added our ISP's DNS Servers to the Forwarding List of our internal DNS server. I loaded NAMED.NLM on the server. Satisfied I had done everything the docs told me to do, I configured my PC to use the internal DNS server. It resolves to the outside just fine, however, if I try to ping the dns server, instead of using the address I configured in the "a" record, I get an error that the host cannot be found. It seems the internal DNS server is forwarding my request instead of passing the local "a" record information.

Anyone have any ideas of reasons this would happen?