I have DDNS setup in my lan. My servers have static ip address. A week ago
before doing some new server install (Windows 2003) I created the static
DNS entry for all those servers. Those servers where installed with the HP
smartstart CD, this mean that the windows setup ask you for the server name
but take a DHCP address.
I noticed that my static DNS entry was overwritten by the dynamic DNS using
the DHCP assigned address for all servers during the install.

Now I have all new server set with a fixed IP and can change the DNS entry,
but what will happen if someone plays with a simple destop, change the name
of his machine with the name of a production server and ask for a new DHCP
ip address !!!

I'm using DNS/DHCP on NW6SP4, I found no information about this behaviour
so I suppose I'm doing something wrong (I hope so). Have someone some idea