Can someone advise me? To fix this error do I need to follow:
http://support.novell.com/cgi-bin/se...?/10069733.htm (which
is a fair amount of work)
or will
http://support.novell.com/cgi-bin/se...?/10014757.htm be OK
to follow?

I've looked and I now have 12 addresses that are unassigned, all being given
to 4 different users.

Here's an example what I see on the server console:

9-23-2004 10:18:39 am: DHCPSRVR-3.12-0
Received an unexpected Decline packet identifying address the
address failed a Ping test.

9-23-2004 3:22:19 pm: DHCPSRVR-3.12-0
Received a Decline packet for address

And here are my server & nlm info:

Netware 5.1 server, sp6, edir 8.7.3

TCP.NLM (Address Space = OS)
Loaded from [SYS:SYSTEM\]
Novell TCP/IP Stack - Transport module (NULL encryption)
Version 5.83k March 13, 2003

TCPIP.NLM (Address Space = OS)
Loaded from [SYS:SYSTEM\]
Novell TCP/IP Stack - Network module (NULL encryption)
Version 5.83h February 27, 2003

DHCPSRVR.NLM (Address Space = OS)
Loaded from [SYS:SYSTEM\]
DHCP Server
Version 3.12f February 26, 2003