Last weekend, we moved DNS/DHCP services from 2 Netware 5.1 sp6 to another
two server running Netware 6.5sp1a + DNS603 patch.

We have 12 zones. For 11 of them, serverA was the primary server. The
error message we have seems to be with the last one where is serverB.

For all zones, ServerA and ServerB are Expert DNS server. The only
difference is for the Primary server for this zone is ServerB. Same thing
for DHCP. There is a sub network where it's ServerB, all others are

I got this error from ServerA DNS screen, this is the only zone that
serverA is not the primary server.

error: client updating zone '8.26.172.IN-ADDR.ARPA/IN':
Novell DDNS : Not authoritative for update Reverse Zone.

And I got this error from ServerB console screen, where it's the only zone
for serverB.

Cannot add FQDN: wks1.johndoe.com with address: to DNS

Each zone have the NS(authoritave server) configured and with ServerA and
ServerB and IP adress is good. Also, I configured each zone in the
control list to update from ANY.

Any idea?

Thank you