I want to setup a dns entry that points to a url. I've put a file in the
public area server by Apache, and if I type
servername.uk.ourcom\filename.html in a browser then the file comes up.

Can I create a dns entry that's just one word (say 'Netware' or 'Report')
that resolves to the full 'servername.uk.ourcom\filename.html' url?

I've tried but it never seems to come live. If I setup an alias called
'Netware' and enter 'servername.uk.ourcom\filename.html' in the 'Domain Name
of Aliased Host' box, the DHCP-DNS gui accepts it. But no matter how many
times I reload the NAMED module I can can never get the 'Netware' alias to
resolve to 'servername.uk.ourcom\filename.html'.

It's as if DNS requires the entry to boil down eventually to an IP address,
and although the 'servername.uk.ourcom' portion has an 'A' entry in the dns,
the whole url doesn't.

Is there a way to make this work, or is there another approach?


Steve Law