I've set up a DNS infrastructure in a NW6.5 network across several
locations with sub-zones and glue records and it works as intended.

Now I have to set up my NW DNS servers to act as secondaries for some
local DNS zones residing on W2K DNS servers at the locations.
At 3 of 4 locations I managed to do this but at the last location
only the forward lookup zone gets imported. When attempting to
import the associated in-addr.arpa zone (i.e. named -zi
33.16.172.in-addr.arpa or as scheduled) I get the following error

error: transfer of '33.16.172.IN-ADDR.ARPA/IN' from
failed while receiving responses: FAILED

I could not find any explanation of this message anywhere :-(

Tried to disable "fast zone Transfer" at the MS-box - no success (did
not really expect success because zone-in of the forward zone worked
with this settings...)

What it is wrong here and what shall I do to get my DNS working?

Any suggestions are welcome!!!!!!

Best regards