Hi all. I decided to post this here because of the error I get. None of
my web applications work: imanager, imonitor, eguide. I am running
NW6sp5, tomcat 4.1.16 and java (not sure but I think it's 1.4.1; it does
not show up in nwconfig. should it?). Before I went to nw6sp5 these
things worked. I, however, can not install anything or remove anything
due to another problem but that is not important. I checked for my
tomcat/4/webinf/nps directory and it is there but when I click on
imanager.html it gives me the message 'can not find server or DNS name'.
Again this happens with all of my web applications. Portal.nlm, nile.nlm
and httpsk.nlm are all loaded. The server itself is totally in the
green. The only thing I can get to is remote manager on https://<ip
address>:8009. This works fine. I don't know what else to try. Thanx in