Dear Support,

We are running in novell 5.1, we are using isa proxy for internet , by our
firewall only 25 ips are enabled for internet service (X.Y.Z.100 -
x.y.z.125) and ISA also serving only these 25 address for browsing, and
the setup was running fine for the last couple of years.

but from last few days all our clients are getting access to the internet
thru our isa proxy , even they are not in the list of the 25 internet
enabled ip range from our ip range.

We provide these internet enabled 25 ip address to clients based on the
machine id, all the other machie get dynamic address .
we found if the client get the ip which is not enabled for internet from
the DHCP it can brows internt with out even putting proxy details in the
Internet Explore but if we give the same ip which is not enaled for
internet as a static ip to client it cant to brows internt.

so kindly advise is there is any problem with the DHCP service.