I recently updated all our servers to NW 6.5 SP2 with the latest patches
(including NAMED.NLM). The way we have DNS setup is I have one primary
server that services the domain and one secondary server. All the other
servers load NAMED, but forward requests to the primary and secondary DNS

I loaded the new DNS/DHCP management console and deleted the DNS server
objects for the primary and secondary servers. After recreating them and
assigning them their zone, the primary had a Control Lists and Advanced tab
available and the secondary server did not. I figured that was the way it
was supposed to be and moved-on. I deleted and recreated all the other
forwarding DNS server objects, and now two of them also have the Control
Lists and Advanced tabs. What am I missing here? Everthing seems to work
ok, but I'm a bit confused on the tab thing.