Our clients are configured to try a local DNS server first for local name
resolution, and then our ISP's DNS servers should the local server not be
able to resolve a name (for Internet name resolution). Some clients work
fine. Others are not getting local name resolution if an attempt to
resolve an Internet name (i.e. www.website.com) occurs first. I.e., if a
workstation is started, and the first thing a user does is browse to
www.website.com, and then tries to open their e-mail client (which
requires the local DNS server to resolve a local name) the e-mail client
fails to open. A Sniffer trace for the failing clients shows the query to
our local DNS for www.website.com, which fails, and then the query to the
ISP DNS server, which provides the resolution. Then for the e-mail client
the query first goes to the ISP DNS server, which fails, but it is never
sent to the local DNS server, and the e-mail client cannot open. For the
good clients the DNS queries always go to the local DNS server first,
regardless of the result of the last DNS query. The only similarity
between the good clients is that you cannot view nor flush the local dns
cache (ipconfig /displydns returns "Could not display the DNS Resolver
Cache." ipconfig /flushdns return "Could not flush the DNS Resolver

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.