We would like to migrate our DHCP server from Windows NT 4.0 to NetWare
6.5. It already works on our LAN, however, the WAN is giving me a headache.

Our offices are connected through VLANs. In the current situation, a
remote office workstations sends a broadcast to request an IP address. The
router permits the package to pass through to the network of the central
office, however it does not permit multicast packages from the network of
the central office.

When we first setup this network configuration, we had to configure the
Windows NT 4.0 DHCP server to send Unicast responses to the workstation:
The value 'IgnoreBroadcastFlag' in
HKLM\CurrentControlSet\Services\DHCPServer\Paramet ers had to be set to 0
(only broadcast if client requests).

I suspect the NetWare DHCP server is also sending broadcast responses. How
can I set it up to send Unicast responses?

Your help is being appreciated.