I have two novell sites with NDS replicated between sites. I've loaded and
configured DNS on a netware (v5.1) server on one server at each site. Each
server also has a forwarder setup as each site has it's own individual
internet connection. At each site i'm pushing out the dns server that is
located at that physical location. This works great but if the internet
connection fails at one site then no external DNS addresses can be resolved
at that site, i was under the impression that if forwarder could not be
reached then a request would be sent to the other server that is configured
for dns which should then be able to resolve as it's internet connection
would be working fine. Oh and i have a permenant 1mb link between the two
sites which is permenantly up.

Am i missing something here? or should i be pushing out the dns servers for
both sites to all users? and let the client failover if the first can't
resolve it?

Colin Hickey.

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