My company is still a little restrictive to who can have Internet
access. Currently I use static IP numbers for all machines and only
route certain ones to the Internet. I would love to use DHCP, but I'm
a little confused on how to accomplish the implementation of DHCP with
the following parameters. Any suggestions or pointing to further
reading on my part would be greatly appreciated.

Current DNS - Provided by Red Hat Serves
The two offices are connected via T1 Point-to-Point Circuit
I have my router configured so that any 172.16.1.X and 172.17.1.X will
forward, if needed, to the Internet.

Main Office:
172.16.1.X - Users that may have Internet Access
172.16.2.X - Non-Internet Users

Remote Office:
172.17.1.X - Users that may have Internet Access
172.17.2.X - Non-Internet Users

Thanks .Kenny