We have just updated some of our Netware servers. Our old dns/dhcp was
installed with Netware5 and has since been upgraded to Netware 6/sp4.
We want to retire this server so I have another server running Netware
6.5/sp2. I was following Novell TID and created the new server object
from the nds/dhcp Management Console. (This was an older version
running on the old server.) I created the object and started named.nlm
at the new server and everything looks ok from the Management Console.
But the DNS server is not working (resolving addresses).

Ater reading through some of the postings I realized that I was using
an older version of Management Console which didn't have all of the
tabs. I am now using the newer Management Console but still can't get
the new server to resolve. Message on Named screen is:
Starting eDirectory integrated Novell DNS Server ...
Loading the configuration and zone data completed.
DNS Server Running

I don't have a clue now. Anybody know where to start?